? Stanstead Dental Centre - NHS and Private Fees

Stanstead Dental Centre

NHS Fees

NHS Band 1: Examination, Xrays and standard clean:   £18.80

NHS Band 2: As Band 1 and fillings (silver on back teeth), extractions:   £51.30

NHS Band 3: As Band 1 and Band 2 and standard dentures, crowns (metal):    £222.50

The list above is not exhaustive. Please contact us if you require more details.


You may be entitled to free NHS treatment. Please see below.

Patients on a low income can apply for free NHS treatment through the HS Low Income Scheme. Find out more at the NHSBSA website here.


Private fees

Full oral health examination £30
Xrays £5 each
Private scale and polish £45
Private airflow (jet-wash) treatment £60
Teeth whitening
Home whitening £189
Laser whitening £375
Teeth whitening gel £89
White fillings From £55 to £125
Private crowns From £250 to £450
Veneers From £250 to £450
Flexible dentures £600 each
Chrome dentures with white clasps £600 each
Private cosmetic dentures £400 each
Private root canal treatment From £250
Private extraction including xrays From £60
Emergency out of hours call out £75 plus treatment required


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